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Join me for this new online immersion in which you will learn everything you need to know to revolutionize your experience of your menstrual cycle and cultivate a lasting relationship with your cyclical body.

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Stop forcing your cyclical body in harmful linear ways


Most of us have grown up and live in societies where we are taught to ignore the signs of our body, and push through life when we are menstruating. 

But what if I told you that learning the language and flow of your body can help you to get rid of horrible period pains and discomfort?

What if I told you than becoming fluent in your inner rhythm's language will make you less tired and more productive?

Our bodies speak to us in a unique hormonal language. But many of us have no clue how to interpret its messages. 

If you are ready to change this, cultivate a relationship with your cyclical body and revolutionize the way you relate to your monthly bleed: then this course is for you. 

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A revolutionary online immersion

>> If you are having a poor diet - you might notice it in your cycle & blood.

>> If you are experiencing extreme PMS or your hormones are out of whack (bloating, moodiness, cramps, headaches) - your body will show you.

>> If your stress levels go thru the roof, don't sleep enough, not moving enough (or: too much) - your cycles will show you.

>> If you are energetically imbalanced and you're never experiencing your own flow of life - your menstrual blood may tell you.

We are taught that experiencing PAIN and DISCOMFORT are normal during our menstrual time.

We push ourselves far over our limits because that's how we are supposed to function according to linear society.

This stops here.

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Most of us grow up not learning about our menstrual cycles properly in school.

We haven't learned how to live cyclically, how to track our cycles, how to eat according to each phase, how to attune our energy or deeply respect our period.

BODY & BLOOD is here to change that.

This course helps you translate and unpack all of the messages that your body is sharing with you, and introduces you to cyclical living -- living in the flow of your cycle instead of going against it.

You will discover:

  • how to identify each phase of your menstrual cycle and its unique physiologic manifestations
  • how to read the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic needs of each phase of your cycle
  • how to create your own period retreat and consciously slow down as your period is approaching
  • how to successfully track your cycle

It's time to reclaim the science and the sacred of your unique menstrual cycle and use it as your power instead of a burden.

Learn the language of your body

This course is for you if:

✓ You are ready to take responsibility over your cyclical health and well-being

✓ You want to cultivate a meaningful and loving relationship to your cyclical body

✓ You are experiencing challenges around your menstrual cycle and period and are ready for change

✓ You are ready to reclaim your body and blood as yours, and as a source of power and pleasure


I am ready to embrace my cycle!

Hi, I'm Iris Josephina

And I was once where you were: not having a clue about my cycle, suffering with intense period cramps, being on the pill for too long and experiencing post-hormonal birth control symptoms up to 4 years after quitting.. and one day I decided it was enough.

I stopped believing this was it - that I was doomed to be in hell every single month.
I was determined to find other ways to relate to my cycle & period, and started my journey. 

A decade later, I am a trained holistic womb guide, birth worker and hormonal health coach. I have apprenticed with traditional midwives, mastered essential hormonal expertise, and I am ready to help you heal your period, too.

"When I reconnected to my period, and my cycle, my life changed forever. I live from a place of pleasure & power instead of pain now."
-Iris Josephina, founder of Cycle Seeds


"I can honestly say that I feel so different in my body since I started paying attention to each phase of my cycle. I have read books on the menstrual cycle but never had I experience such a practical, down-to-earth approach as Iris offers. So grateful I found her!"


"OMG Iris!!! I started bleeding and I have ZERO pain!!! I haven't had this ever. Thank you so much for your wisdom."


"This state of the art menstrual knowledge has changed my entire life. I finally am productive in moments I am supposed to be productive, and I have learned to take rest during my period, which makes all the difference for how I feel the rest of my cycle."

What will you learn in Body & Blood?

In essence, we are all cyclical beings. And just as nature has its specific phases and paces, expressed in the seasons, so does your body.
Your menstrual cycle moves through four distinct phases, just like the Earth's seasons Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Each body phase, just like each Earth phase, shows you ways to harness your inner wisdom and power.

Body & Blood will show you how to make the first steps towards cyclical living, experiencing pleasant and pain-free periods, by offering you holistic cyclical education that you wish you were taught in primary school
I am ready to reclaim my cycle

What's inside?

Overview of the modules:

Module 1 - Menstrual Cycle Mindset + Mapping
Redefine what your menstrual cycle and period mean to you. Ditch old beliefs that don't serve you and start loving up your precious cyclical body.

Module 2 - Demystify your Cyclical Physiology
Root deep in your cyclical experience, know how your body works, and get the most out of each phase by using your energy wisely. Discover how your body shows you when it is fertile, when not and how to tend to each phase.

Module 3 - Embrace the Psychospiritual Aspects of each Phase
Learn how to awaken the potential that is reflected in each phase. Connect your menstrual cycle to your creativity cycle and meet deeper parts of yourself.
Discover the revolutionary practices during each phase that set the tone for your period experience.

Module 4 - Create Your own Period Retreat
Shift your experience of menstruation completely and go from period-loathing to period-honoring. Befriend your period and discover the stillness and initiation this phase can bring forth within you.

Module 5 - Cyclical Living 101
Everything in life moves through cycles -- learn how to let your own inner cycles guide you in your daily life, and help you cultivate a meaningful relationship not only to your self and your body, but everything and everyone around you.

Module 6 - Introduction to Cyclical Sovereignty: the Fertility Awareness Method
Learn to track your body's primary fertility signs and learn what they teach you about your cycle, fertility and overall health.

I want to revolutionize my cycle!

What previous students said while they were in the course:

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and revolutionize your menstrual cycle

  • 6 pre-recorded modules 
  • The Body & Blood workbook (over 100 pages)
  • Lifelong access to all content
  • Access to the free Womb Wellness Circle FB group
  • Guided breathing exercises for hormonal balancing 
  • Guided movement & embodiment practices
  • Nutrition for each phase shopping lists


  • 5 Body & Blood playlists (for each phase of your cycle + a special nervous system soothing playlist)
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I always saw my period as the worst time of the month. I needed Advils for as long as I can remember. After working with Iris, I experienced my first pain-free period. And I am now holding my own period retreats every single month. Our body has a menstrual cycle for a reason, and it is a barometer for our health - I had never looked at it that way if I hadn't found Iris. Thank you so much for helping me redefine my 'menstrual mindset', Iris!"