How amazing would it feel to have a successful business AND feel epic in your body?

Imagine this:

  • Being top of your game, feeling healthy and change people's lives.
  • Be more financially free than ever.
  • Quitting the grind with confidence and finally start enjoying your life while your business works for you.
  • Do something that truly sparks your joy and helps you bring in the resources to take the best care of your body, every single day.

I'm here to tell you that it's totally possible to run a business that..

  • allows for days off when YOU desire it.
  • aligns perfectly with your body and menstrual cycle.
  • has the potential to grow exponentially.
  • attracts your dream clients.
  •  makes you feel fulfilled and purposeful every single day -- and when you do not feel that way during your luteal phase or period, you don't feel an inch of guilt but thoroughly ENJOY taking it slow.

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You are..

  • an entrepreneur/business owner AND you have a menstrual cycle.
  • you are also constantly feeling on the edge of burning out but you feel that there is another way.
  • done with running your business & life in a linear, hustle & grind way… but you have no idea where to start.
  • SO ready to access and truly claim a cyclical way of running your life & business.
  • passionate about your igniting change and impact in the world with your unique business but you feel so tired in your body.
  • curious about and dedicated to cultivating a deeper and healthier relationship with your body & cycle.
  • you are ready to welcome in ease and grace in your body + biz and make the impact you were born to make on this planet.


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Stop forcing your body + biz in unproductive linear ways

For way too long, people with menstrual cycles who also run businesses have been made to believe that the linear 9-5 hustle + grind is the only way to run their business.

I'm sorry to break it down to you, but that's a big fat lie, honey.

Ever since I introduced the concepts of cyclical living and cyclical biz in my online community, people have been asking me how I run my business according to my cycle, how this works, and where they can learn how to do what I do.

People intuitively feel that this is something that works. Because they see me shine, glow and show up in my business, just as much as they see me chill and deeply relax -- without worrying about money!

This is how THE CYCLICAL CEO was born. 

I have packed this training with everything you need to know to balance your body and boost your business. 

I will show you that learning the language and flow of your body can help you re-structure your business. 

I will help you understand that running your business according to your cycle will make you less tired and more productive.

It's time we redefine what it means to run a business from a cyclical body -- because no one has ever deeply shown people how to do that.

Cyclical Biz is the Future

The more people start awakening to the wisdom of their menstrual cycles, the more our society, businesses and communities need to restructure to honor the cyclical nature of our bodies.

When we all make this change on a personal level AND in the market with our businesses.. imagine the impact and change we can make together!

Will you join the cyclical biz revolution?!


  • hack the productivity codes of your hormones to lead your biz successfully (without exhausting yourself!)

  • learn how to work in the flow & rhythm of your menstrual cycle

  • redefine and cultivate your relationship to money so you can easily and shamelessly make more of it

  • learn to trust your body as the baseline for your business

  • get crystal clear about your purpose and own the work you do without apology

  • magnetize your impact in the world by making taking care of your body + cycle a priority in your business

  • burn the linear belief of 9-5 until I die, and create time for pleasure and play that will have you feeling refreshed and energized to do more of what you love—while being divinely compensated for it

  • no longer exhaust your adrenals keeping up with the grind, and shift to honoring and living in alignment with your inner rhythms, feeling vibrant emotionally, spiritually, and sexually.

  • quit playing small or hiding in the closet as you shift into a someone who owns their voice and shares their message and vision with the world—shame, guilt, and embarrassment FREE!  

You deserve to honor your body AND have a successful biz!

Most people who have a business have never considered scheduling their business according to their cycles because NO high-end biz schools globally cover this.

However, your body has its own built-in PLANNING, CREATING, NETWORKING & RESTING system to run a thriving business -- without you burning out because you follow your internal business blueprint

THE CYCLICAL CEO is here to show you exactly how to access this system.

This in-depth 6 month training helps you harmonize your hormones, AND structuring your biz around your cycle so you can run your biz & body like the badass cyclical CEO that you are.

You will discover:

  • all menstrual cycle foundations one should know when you are in a cyclical body.
  • how to identify each phase of your menstrual cycle and its unique physiologic, emotional and psycho-spiritual manifestations.
  • how to harmonize your hormones, balance your body & incorporate nutrition so you can run your biz from a healthy place.
  • how to schedule your business entirely around your menstrual cycle.
  • how to successfully make more money because you use your Cyclical Body Blueprint in your business.

It's time to reclaim the body as our baseline for our business.

Learn to run your biz in alignment with your body

This course is for you if:

✓ You are struggling to keep a healthy balance between your body and your business

✓ You are ready to take responsibility over your cyclical health.

✓ You want to cultivate a sustainable business system and run it according to YOUR unique inner cyclical blueprint.

✓ You are experiencing challenges around your menstrual cycle and are aware that these are keeping you from fully showing up in your biz.

✓ You are someone who does not follow the herd and believes in new proven paradigms and ideas to move forward.

✓ You are ready to reclaim your body as the baseline for your biz.



THE CYCLICAL CEO is a 6 month  group coaching program that is designed to help you restructure your business entirely according to your menstrual cycle, be the most productive AND chill you've ever been and teaches you how to keep your body balanced and your hormones harmonized along the way.

THE CYCLICAL CEO will show you how cyclical living is the secret to running a successful business.

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"I cannot believe that no one came up with this earlier. It feels so much easier to run my business according to my cycle and time off when my body needs it -- without my business suffering from that."


"Iris is an angel who came on my path. I thought I could do it all by myself but I now learned how important the right support is -- for my business and my body."


"Iris is the biz guru for cyclical business! Knowing the connection between my body and business has changed my life. Her knowledge and passion for helping people be their best 'cyclical' self in a healthy body is unparalleled!"

Hi, I'm Iris Josephina

And I was once where you were: not having a clue about my cycle, suffering with intense period cramps, being on the pill for too long and experiencing post-hormonal birth control symptoms up to 4 years after quitting..and trying to run my own business -- unsuccessfully because I tried to push my body into a linear system that exhausted me.  

And then one day it was enough.

I decided it was possible to honor my body AND have a successful business. I was determined to get the best of both worlds -- I had no clue how but I knew I would.

Years later, I am now a trained holistic cycle guide, birth worker and hormonal health coach. I have apprenticed with traditional midwives, studied with 6-figure business coaches and mastered essential hormonal expertise.

When I combined all of that and hacked the cyclical codes of my body, my business + bank account skyrocketed!

And I want the same for you: a healthy balanced body AND a thriving biz. 

What's inside?

Overview of the training:

Cyclical Body Sessions
Cyclical Body Sessions are here to give you an understanding of the connection between your body and your business, and when your body isn’t thriving your business most likely won’t either. We will focus on getting your hormones back on track and getting to know your menstrual cycle. Some of these sessions also serve as Q&As where you can pick my brain on everything cycle health.

Cyclical Biz Sessions
During our cyclical biz coaching calls we will be diving DEEP into The Cyclical CEO Biz Blueprint and you will be given all the tools you need to successfully start running or improve your cyclical business.

Menstrual Cycle Foundations 
Learn all you ever wanted to know about your menstrual cycle physiology, psychospiritual aspects, period retreats, cycle tracking and charting, and keeping your hormones harmonized.

Business Foundations 
Learn all you need to know to have a thriving business; from money mindset, magnetic messaging, owning your voice and become a leader in your field to cyclical biz systems and planning according to your cycle phases. 

Guest Teaching Sessions
During the training you will receive live guest teaching calls with experts in the fields of hormones, menstrual cycles, business, healthy lifestyle and life coaching.

Cyclical Empowerment Sessions
To run your business and balance your cycle you need a solid support system. These calls serve as a monthly sharing circle where you are encouraged to work on your mindset, belief systems and more. 


What you will receive



and revolutionize your body + biz

  • Live 75min opening call
  • Access to the online learning platform
  • Menstrual Cycle foundations (6 modules + bonuses pre-recorded)
  • Cyclical Biz foundations
  • Access to all content
  • 6 Cyclical Body group coaching sessions (60min)
  • 6 Cyclical Biz group coaching sessions (60min)
  • 6 Cyclical Empowerment group coaching sessions (60min)
  • 3 Womb Healing/Visualization sessions (45min)
  • Live 75min closing call


  • Access to our private Cyclical CEO Facebook support group
  • Cyclical yoga sessions (pre-recorded)
  • Guest teaching sessions with experts in the fields of menstrual cycles & biz
  • Exclusive 1:1 coaching session with Iris

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Dates & times

Start of the course:
Autumn 2022

End of the course:
Spring 2023

Praise from mentors in the field

“Iris is a phenomenal coach and businesswoman! Her one-on-one coaching and group programs are profound and deeply healing for anyone who has had the privilege of working with her. The Cyclical CEO is like a roadmap for cultivating resilience as a business owner who menstruates. It is full of the tools and information you need to capably navigate the unique challenges you will undoubtedly face as a business owner. I can think of no better person to expertly guide you on this healing journey than Iris Josephina, who's one-of-a-kind visionary wisdom is far beyond her years.” 

- Nicole Jardim

Certified Women's Health Coach and author of Fix Your Period

Praise from mentors in the field

“Iris is the kind of mentor everyone should have in their life. Her knowledge, wisdom, passion, depth, sweetness and bad-assness are truly a gift birthed into this world. This is an absolute must-have if you are conducting a femme-based business, truly knowledge you can’t ever live without! Thank you Iris!” 

Jasmine Alicia Carter

Menstrual Artist
Woman Empowerment Mentor
Founder of Sacress

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